Lara Hildebrandt has been a financial advisor for over 10 years. She has moved from personal finance to specializing in employee benefits. She works with business owners to help them become the most sought after employers in BC.

Group benefits are health & dental plans for employees. We help business owners in attracting talent and compensating your plan members with an affordable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use group benefits plan.

Group retirement benefits are affordable and easy-to-manage workplace savings plans that help employees save for retirement.

Health & Dental plans are for any individual wanting coverage over and above BC healthcare coverage. This can be for prescriptions, dental, orthodontic, and CPAP machines and other medical equipment, for example.

Travel insurance is needed for any travel outside of your home province in Canada. This travel can be for trips to other provinces/territories or other countries. We cover: travelling Canadians, visitors to Canada, and students (either travelling abroad or coming to Canada for study).

Critical Illness Coverage is insurance solutions to help you focus on recovery if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness.

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