Business Owners

 Financial Wellness: The Missing Link in Your Employees’ Financial Plan by Scott Anderson

How does financial stress affect your employees’ time at work. This article can help you understand the problems and offer some solutions.

If an employee is struggling their work diminishes over time, also the cost impact on your benefits claims experience and absences or disability leave can be significant. How can an employer help his/her employee with financial literacy?

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As an employer having a financial professional helping in educational programmes can have a significant increase in the business’ bottom line. Contact Lara today so she can help.

5 Workplace Wellness Mistakes to Avoid by Greg Bambury


This article helps business owners understand the need to create an intentional culture

of wellness in the office. By doing so, businesses retain employees longer, they are

happier employees, and are healthier employees who take less time off. So, what is it

that employers are doing wrong?

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Lara can help put together a customized plan to fit your workplace environment. Contact her today because she can help.

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